Not Just Ned

For those in Canberra or planning a visit to the area, you may want to check out the new exhibition at the National Museum of Australia – Not Just Ned: a true history of the Irish in Australia.

The exhibition focuses on the history of the Irish in Australia and the contribution they have made to our culture. In addition to some fascinating exhibits including armour that belonged to the Kelly Gang and fragments from the original Eureka Flag, there is also a dedicated resource area that visitors can use to research their Irish heritage.

The exhibition runs until the end of July. More details are available on the website –

Thomas Power 1843 (Tipperary, Ireland) -1929 (Sydney, Australia)



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2 responses to “Not Just Ned

  1. Louise Armstrong

    As a Canberra resident I made sure I went and saw this and I plan to go back. It was a beautiful exhibition and there are many resources for people to use. Shame I work!!! But, it’s on till July so – if people are coming down, let me know.

  2. I will have to come and see it if we manage to make it up that way before July. Glad you enjoyed it.

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