The Goddard / Armstrong Family History Wiki

After much experimentation with different Wiki hosting tools, I have finally (kind of) got the hang of Wikia and have just launched the Goddard / Armstrong Family History Wiki.

The wiki is designed to compliment this blog, my Flickr page and my Delicious bookmarks page and will provide greater level of detail about the members of the Goddard and Armstrong families (and many associated families).

The wiki will essentially exist to keep family members updated with my research and will include profiles of ancestors, documents, stories and photographs.

It is something that I have been meaning to start work on since late last year when I borrowed a number of photo albums from my mother-in-law in order to scan and hopefully preserve some of the Armstrong and Dorman family photographs. At the time, I emailed various photos to various family members to share but it has always occurred to that a wiki would be the perfect platform for sharing family information, with family members able to open the wiki and access all the information I have (as I add it of course) and also have the ability to contribute their own information.

The Goddard / Armstrong Family History Wiki –


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