St Paul’s Church Cemetery, Carlingford NSW

The historic St Paul’s Church Cemetery is located in Carlingford on what was once part of William Mobbs estate. This cemetery is the final resting place of many of the pioneers of the Parramatta district including the Mobbs, Bellamy, Sonter, Catt, Bowerman and Eyles families.

The land for the cemetery was donated by William’s son, William Mobbs Jnr, in 1847. The gift was originally intended to provide a site for a church and adjacent burial ground, however the nature of the shale foundation made the area adjacent to St Paul’s Church unsuitable for a burial ground. Consequently, William made a further gift of  land farther down Marsden Road. This explains why the cemetery is located quite some distance from the former St Paul’s Church which is nearer the corner of Marsden and Pennant Hills Roads.

William Mobbs Snr was the first person laid to rest at St Paul’s Cemetery on 14th July 1851.

Keep checking my Flickr page (links on right side tool bar of this page) for photographs from St Paul’s. I have made a few visits to the cemetery over the past 2 years and despite the terrible state of the cemetery, I have managed to photograph many of the graves. I will be uploading photographs to Flickr over the next few weeks.

If you would like to visit St Paul’s yourself, you can find it hidden away just off Kay Street, Carlingford. The cemetery is hidden between Simpson Reserve and Swaines Nursery. It is very overgrown and I would suggest that long pants and boots are a must if you are going to do some exploring.

St Paul's Church Cemetery, Carlingford.



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17 responses to “St Paul’s Church Cemetery, Carlingford NSW

  1. Kay Maydwell

    Emily Bowerman nee Bellamy
    John Robert Bowerman
    Hayward, Frank and Edward Bowerman
    The above ancestors are all buried at St Pauls cemetery I am interested in finding the burial site number and perhaps a map if available and any other information you may have.
    Thank you
    Kay Maydwell nee Bowerman

    • Hi Kay,
      Thanks for your message although I’m afraid I’m not going to be much help to you. I have visited St Paul’s Cemetery a few times and have taken quite a few photos but I have mostly concentrated on photographing Mobbs graves as these are my direct ancestors. Although I have Bellamys and Bowermans throughout my tree I have just had a look through my photos from St Paul’s and I do have a small selection of other graves – Bellamy, Bowerman, Eyles, Catt etc, but not the names that you have mentioned. I certainly have photos of the following graves:
      Mary Ann Bowerman (1839-1919) and her husband George Mobbs (1823-1912)
      James Bellamy (1836-1914), his wife Susana Bowerman (1850-1931) and their daughter Elizabeth Hatfield (1882-1920)
      Mary Ann Bellamy (1825-1912) and her husband James Henry Shields (1813-1890)
      Ann Bellamy (1831-1897) and in a separate grave her first husband James Bellamy (1825-1852) and children Matlida Bellamy (1848-1852) and Hannah Bellamy (1850-1852)
      I possibly have more but those are the photos I have found after having a quick look through my collection. Please let me know if you would like copies of any of those photographs.
      I am not aware of a map of the cemetery or a list of those buried there. My knowledge comes simply from visiting the cemetery in person and researching those in my family tree. To the best of my knowledge there is no one currently maintaining the cemetery and it is certainly in a really terrible state, which is a real disgrace.
      I’m assuming you don’t live in the area? I would offer to go to the cemetery and take a look for you but I now live on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria so am unfortunately no longer in the area.
      I would suggest that you might want to contact the Parramatta and District Historical Society ( They may have more information or may be able to point you in the right direction.
      Good luck!

    • carlene

      Hi Kay, my GGGG Grandfather was John Randall and my GGG Grandfather was John Aiken, i am also connected to the Bowermans, Bellamys and the list goes on & on. Are you aware of the fact that all the Ancestors you mention (except Frank) are buried all together. Its actually two graves side by side, two headstones which are joined so its really like one big grave. If you were to go to the cemetery you would be able to find it quiet easily(as long as the grass isnt to high) the inscriptions on the headstones are still readable. I have a photo of the grave which i could email to you if you like ? Let me know. my email is >

      • James Sonter wife Susannah (nee) Midson 1930.

        Could you please tell me if James Sonter and Susannah as a headstone
        James 30th July 1908, Susannah 5th Feb 1930, Also children Lucy 1895, Thanking you Daphne.

  2. carlene

    Hi, when my Nana was alive we use to go to St Pauls cemetery at least 3 or 4 times a year as we have a lot of family members buried there. It use to sadden me to see the state of the cemetery. It saddened and upset my Nan even more, during her lifetime she buried her Grandmother, her Brother, her Father, her Husband and her Son all at St Pauls. Everytime we went there we would spend hours and hours mowing, ripping blackberry bushes out by hand and most of the time we would have to slash the grass down by hand so that we could get the mower through it. Ican remember clearly even as a young child leaving there filthy dirty, legs and arms covered in scratches, hands bleeding from the blackberry bushes which had ripped through my work gloves. The council use to promise to clean it up but in the 40+yrs that i’ve been going there i’ve never seen them do anything except make it harder to get to. We use to be able to drive right up to it as there was a long driveway which ran alongside the nursery. We even have a few unmarked graves in there, thank god i know exactly where they are or i’d never be able to find them. If anyone is planning on going there i would recommend >long pants,boots,gloves and a handheld slasher. I’d love to organize a big cleanup day at the cemetery if anyones interested please let me know !!! my email address is > (also happy to photograph graves for anyone unable to get there.)

    • Hi Carlene,

      Thanks for all your information.
      It is very sad to see the state of St Paul’s. When we were living in Sydney last year I made a few trips out there to photograph some of the graves. It was certainly very overgrown when I visited although the last time I visited in January this year it had been mowed, which was nice to see. I can’t understand why the council is so disinterested in maintaining such an historical cemetery.
      If I were in Sydney I would certainly be interested in spending some time out there trying to clean up the cemetery but unfortunately we are now living on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.
      Hopefully, with all the many descendants of the families that are buried there, it won’t be too difficult to find some that are interested in getting together and maintaining the cemetery.


  3. Trevor Smith

    There is a list of those buried at Carlingford in the Australian Cemeteries Index which is available online. The web site also has pictures of the various graves. Trevor

    • Hi Trevor,
      Thanks for that information. When I first started researching and visiting the cemetery those details weren’t yet online but I knew that it was in the process of being photographed and indexed for the Australian Cemeteries Index. Great to know that those details are now available. It’s a great resource which I’ve used very often while researching my family history.

  4. James Sonter wife Susannah (nee) Midson 1930.

    I do known that James Sonter and Susannnah (nee) Midson are buried in St Pauls Carlingford NSw, but they are not on the list on the index, Daphne.

    • Hi Daphne,
      I know that there are many members of the Sonter Family at St Paul’s but I can also see that neither James or Susannah appear to be listed on the index. However, I know from my previous visits that there are a number of very damaged graves including some with headstones that are now unfortunately illegible. Perhaps James and Susannah are buried in one of the graves that is damaged? I can also imagine that there would be a number of unmarked graves. Unfortunately it may be difficult to establish exactly where they are.

  5. Hi Rachel,

    You mentioned above your interest is in MOBBS. I have a Ethel Mary Mobbs (1898-1987) in my tree who lived and Carlingford most of her life, Buried in Rookwood I think. She had sisters Ester and Rene. You dont have Ethel in your tree do you?

    • Hi Bobby,
      I do have Ethel in my tree. I have her listed as the daughter of Isaac James Mobbs (1860-1949) and Alice Maude Mary Mobbs (1873-1907).
      I have quite a few siblings listed for Ethel…
      Eli (1892-1950)
      Lottie (1894-?)
      Bruce (1895-?)
      Esther (1896-?)
      Jessie (1900-?)
      Isaac (1902-1903)
      Reginald (1903-?)
      Renie (1906-?)

      As you can see from all the missing death dates, I haven’t done much research on that branch of the family. There are so many Mobbs and so little time!

      I’ve just tried having a look on Ancestry to see what else I can find on Ethel but some of the links are down at the moment. I will check later. I’m guessing Ethel is one of your relatives? She was my third cousin twice removed according to Ancestry.


  6. Megan Cosgrove

    I have found newspaper articles stating that James Smith b.1816 d.13.11.1894 is buried at St Paul’s Carlingford but he is not in the Australian Cemetery Indexes. He would have had a headstone because he was a prominent member of the Pennant Hills community and is labelled as a ‘land king’ and was very to do. Do know whether he is buried and if so wondering if you might have any photos of his grave. Also looking for his siblings Charles, Robert and Thomas Smith and parents, William and Isabella Smith. William Bellamy and Ann Bellamy were witnesses to their marriage in 1812 at St John’s Church in Parramatta.
    If you have any information on them, I can be reached at
    Thanks in advance and job well done looking after the cemetery. I would help but I live in Queensland. Sorry!

    • Hi Megan,
      You are right – James is buried at St Paul’s at Carlingford with his wife Susannah (nee Bellamy).
      Here is a link to a photo on the Australian Cemeteries Index of the grave (courtesy of Michael Brookhouse) –
      If you have a browse through the ACI website then you will find photos of all the other Smiths you mentioned with the exception of Robert.
      According to the ACI website there are 27 Smiths at St Paul’s. I know I have photos of quite a few but it is probably easier to just direct you to the ACI website and you can take a look at them all there.
      As you mentioned, there is some information online about James in the NLA’s Trove website, specifically digitised newspaper articles. I believe there is also some useful information in the book The Settlers of West Pennant Hills Valley, 1799 Onwards by Gwen Millhouse. However, this may be difficult for you to access being in QLD. I think it may be out of print and according to the NLA website there are no libraries in QLD that hold a copy (not surprising really!). If you would like me to take a look through it for anything then let me know as my local library at Ryde keeps a copy in their local studies collection. Otherwise you could also try contacting the Hills District Historical Society as they were the publishers.
      Good luck with your research!

  7. Michael Webb

    Hi All,
    Have been researching my mothers family (the GLIDDON family) for a number of years and have many descendants buried in St Paul’s. A number of years ago I received a copy of the burial registers for St Paul’s (1851-1978) which I have indexed (as best as I could read them) as well as visited the cemetery and noted if there was a headstone. I have also made a rough map of the cemetery, and have copies of some sections of old maps. If I can help in any way with checking the registers or locating relatives please feel free to send an email

    • Thanks Michael. Sounds like you have done a lot of work and I appreciate the offer to help with checking burial registers at St Paul’s. I will certainly send you an email if I need any help locating anyone. Many Thanks!

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