50 Years State Records NSW 1961-2011

This year marks the 50th anniversary of State Records NSW (SRNSW). To celebrate, SRNSW will be displaying 50 items from the State Archives Collection covering the time frame from European settlement in 1788 through to the esatblishment of the Archives Authority in 1961.

A list of the items can be found on the SRNSW website – http://gallery.records.nsw.gov.au/index.php/galleries/50-years-at-state-records-nsw/

There are some fascinating inclusions. It is also worth visiting the website to browse some of the other online galleries including some amazing new images just added which document the Bubonic Plague that spread throughout Sydney in 1900, killing over 100 people in 8 months.


The State Records NSW website has been an invaluable source of material while researching my family. Archives Investigator (http://investigator.records.nsw.gov.au/) is the key online database of the SRNSW. It is a web-based catalogue of records held in the New South Wales State Archives, providing users with an online access point with which to explore the archives of both the SRNSW and the City of Sydney Council.

Archives Investigator contains an extensive list of records. These include shipping and arrival records for both New South Wales and other Australian states from 1788-1922, convict records, naturalisation records from 1834-1903, electoral rolls, police service records, Crown Land records, deceased estate records, selected criminal records, bankruptcy and insolvency records, cemetery records, migration records and extensive indexes of maps and photographs. In addition to this, the database provides access to many local history records including those relating to education, sport, mining, railways, public health, hotels, the Lands Department, roads, water supply, hotels, public buildings, the maritime industry and the offices of the Colonial Architect and Colonial Secretary.

It is also well worth subscribing to the SRNSW Now & Then eNewsletter. It will keep you updated with all the resources, services and events related to the SRNSW –



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