Some background to begin…

So the best place to begin with my family history blog is to introduce my family tree and the primary tool I use to research and publish my tree.

My interest in family history comes from my mother, who began researching our family back in the early 2000’s. Following her death in 2005, I inherited her research and so began my hobby. For various reasons, I chose to publish the information I had online in 2006 using The Goddard / Timmins Family Tree now contains over 8000 people and has now incorporated my husband’s family. While full access to the website and its many resources comes at a cost, it is difficult to rival for ease of use, access to records and the online community it incorporates.

It is simply a matter of entering what you know and going from there. Ancestry will provide you with ‘hints’ from its record databases and it will undoubtedly not be long before you will find other members researching similar interests. This is a good beginning for those you are unsure where to begin.


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